Finance Tips - Should You Buy or Lease?

To Buy or to Lease?

Considering your next vehicle but unsure whether to buy or lease? There are advantages to both depending on your preferences and lifestyle. Consider these helpful hints before making up your mind:

Buying is a great option for those who: 

Drive Long-Term
If you plan to keep your vehicle for a significant amount of time, buying allows you to own the vehicle, make modifications to meet your needs and profit when you are ready to sell.

Eliminate Car Payments
For drivers who wish to pay off their car and obtain a period of time without a car payment, buying is the only option. Your purchasing  power also helps you gain equity while paying off your vehicle. 

Use a Lot of Miles
Through the buying process, the vehicle is yours to utilize as you see fit. For example, although higher mileage will reduce the vehicle's trade-in or resale value, there are no restrictions or fees associated with the number of miles you drive annually. And, once your payments have been made, the vehicle is yours to drive, trade or sell, without obligation.

An increasing trend, leasing is a popular option at Hummel's Nissan. In fact, we contract more leases with customers than other dealers in central Iowa. Keep in mind, leasing is great option for those who:  

Desire the Latest Technology 
Leasing provides the benefit of the newest technology and safety innovations, without the worry of depreciating value or significant repair bills. On the other hand, once the lease is up, owners must lease another or make a purchase. This is a great option if you're looking to get into a new vehicle each year. 

Want More, for Less
Often times you can lease more car then you can buy. What that means is a vehicle that may otherwise fall outside your price range could be affordable to lease. Why? Monthly car payments are typically less expensive when leasing a vehicle, and often times drivers can avoid a down payment.   

Are Self-employed 
Leasing is also a great option if you are self-employed and can write off your leasing payment as a business expense.  

Want Simplicity in Maintenance and Trade-in 
Since most leases come with a two to three year warranty, you typically won't have to worry about covering normal maintenance costs. Also during that time, you can easily upgrade to another vehicle or opt to purchase the vehicle you've been driving.    

Stop by Hummel's or apply for financing today! We can customize a lease for you or your group.  Simply let us know the amount you would like to put down and how much you would like to spend in monthly payments and we will work with you to create a lease that fits your lifestyle.

For additional information on what is right for you please read our blog, When to Buy, When to Lease; The Advantages of Both

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