Hummel's Nissan Employee Spotlight

 March 2017: Denny Fedosa  
Parts and Service Director Denny Fedosa began working for Hummel's Nissan in February 2017. 

In his role, Fedosa specializes in customer service, sales, coaching and mentoring. He takes is responsibility to the organization, his team and Nissan customers seriously.

"I enjoy the continuity of the team environment at Hummel's and the consistent challenge to improve and grow," Denny said. "When you are committed to collaborating with your team and going above and beyond for the customer, that translates to meaningful and excellent customer experience."

Fedosa's enthusiasm for the brand is evident. "It is our responsibility to protect the brand and reputation of the organization by exceeding customer expectations," he said. "And most importantly, in all you do, remember to follow though."

Denny was born in Toronto, Canada and grew up in Urbandale. He is married and has five children and two grandchildren. In his spare time, Fedosa enjoys spending time with family and staying involved in various ministry functions though church. The family support show choir, mock trial and athletics, primarily soccer and hockey.

Thank you, Denny, for your commitment to Hummel's Nissan. We are proud to have you as a member of our team!  
 July 2016: Jimmy Ahmed
Pre-Owned Sales Manager Jimmy Ahmed began his career at Hummel's Nissan in August 2015. 

With more than 16 years of experience in the automotive industry, Ahmed's skillsets and dedication to customers make him an invaluable member of the Hummel's team. Jimmy appreciates the freedom and flexibility the organization provides for managers and employees to execute their jobs in an efficient, effective and collaborative manner.  

"A big part of success within an organization is hiring the right employees and then trusting them to do their jobs, whether that be running a department or meeting sales goals, in a way that works best for them," said Ahmed. "There is a mutual respect between Hummel's and each employee that enables our team to grow, succeed and exceed customers expectations."

Personally, Jimmy and his wife have two sons, both working towards their degrees at the University of Iowa. The family has fond memories of their daughter who passed on in 2010.

In his spare time, Jimmy loves to cook and is an avid Hawkeye fan.  

Thank you, Jimmy, for your dedication to Hummel's Nissan. We are proud to have you as a member of our team!  
   June 2016: Sarah Waltz
Title Clerk Sarah Waltz began her career with Hummel's Nissan in 2015. 

In her role, Sarah handles processing of deals and titling for both new and pre-owned vehicles. She skillfully manages a significant amount of paperwork, keeping all 99 Iowa counties and surrounding state counties up-to-date with accurate and timely reporting.    business has helped him to best service Hummel's customers.   

As a team member of Hummel's, Waltz enjoys the comradery, atmosphere and friendships she has already developed though the organization. 

"The positive work environment allows for each for each of us to form friendships with customers and employees here and Hummel's Nissan," Sarah said. "That attitude is an extension of our leadership - and it's contagious throughout the company. It's one of the many reasons Hummel's has exceptional tenure and customer service."  

Personally, Sarah is engaged and has three daughters, ages 5, 9, and 14, and two cats. She enjoys spending time with her large family and prefers relaxing outdoor activities, including camping and fishing.  

Thank you, Sarah, for your hard work and dedication to Hummel's Nissan. We are proud to have you as a member of our team!  
   April 2016: Jason Kleinschrodt
Finance, Insurance and Optional Service Manager Jason Kleinschrodt has served Hummel's Nissan since February 2004

With over 12 years of experience, Jason takes pride in his work and specializes in helping customers find the right vehicle to fit their lifestyle. Prior to his current role, Kleinschrodt served i the capacity of pre-owned Internet sales consultant. Learning multiple aspects of the business has helped him to best service Hummel's customers.   

He enjoys the atmosphere and comradery at Hummel's Nissan, noting the importance of always treating one another with respect. 

"Being a family owned and operated business, the leadership at Hummel's cares about each customer and every employee," Kleinschrodt said. "Our leadership team puts themselves in others' shoes, from buying a new vehicle to daily takes performed by employees, and the never ask someone to do something they wouldn't do themselves." 

He adds, that type of understanding and mutual respect extends from the top-down and to each customer that walks though the door.   

Jason and his wife of 18 years, Kay, have three daughters: Mckayla (19), Mckenzie (15) and Jenna (10). In his spare time, Kleinschrodt enjoys watching his daughter's dance team events and sporting events. He is an avid Denver Broncos and Colorado Rockies fan. 

Thank you, Jason, for your dedication and service to Hummel's Nissan. We are proud to have you as a member of our team!  
March 2016: Cory Danks
Express Service Advisor Cory Danks has served Hummel's Nissan since 2009. 

Danks has more than 25 years of experience in the auto industry. His background as a mechanic provides an invaluable skillset to Hummel's and Cory in his current role. 

Danks takes pride in the work he does, sharing that customers are the most important part of his job. His commitment to customer satisfaction and going the extra mile has earned Cory the Award of Excellence three, consecutive years in 2013 through 2015. The prestigious honor is given to employees who exemplify outstanding performance results in sales, customer satisfaction and owner loyalty. 

"It's the customers of Hummel's Nissan who have put me where I am today," Danks said. "They are the key to our business, and should always be our number one priority.  As an added bonus, I"ve developed friendships with our loyal customers - and every time they walk though the door, it feels like a friend si stoping by to visit."

Cory also enjoys the fun, family environment and comradery among the team at Hummel's Nissan. 

Personally, Danks is married with three children and four stepchildren. The family has two pets, a cat and a dog, and in his spare time, Cory enjoys getting out for motorcycle rides. 

Thank you, Cory, for your commitment to Hummel's Nissan.  dedication to Hummel's Nissan. We are proud to have you as a member of our team.
 February 2016: Dennis Bracewell
Finance Manager Dennis Bracewell has served Hummel's Nissan since April 2012.  

During his time with the organization, Bracewell has played a key role in helping customers find the bank and ancillary products that best fit their needs. Dennis enjoys his job, and serves by the motto - Take care of the customer, and they will take care of you. 

His willingness to go the extra mile has earned Bracewell accolades as the Nissan Owner First Award of Excellence recipient in 2014 and 2015. The award honors employees for outstanding performance results in sales, customer satisfaction and owner loyalty. 

"I love my job," said Dennis. "I love finance. And to be able to get paid to something you love is rare." 

Dennis and wife, Brenda, who share the same profession in vehicle finance, have been married for nine years. The two have a three-year-old son, Brock, who attends school at the Montessori Children's House. 

In his spare time, Dennis' priority is spending time with this family. He has owned and bred thoroughbred racehorses, who of which were named Champion Iowa-bred. The Bracewell family recently purchased a 6-1/2 acre lot where they plan to build their dream home and watch their son grow up. 

Thank you, Dennis, for your dedication to Hummel's Nissan. We are proud to have you as a member of our team.
January 2016: Sara Brent

Assistant Office Manager Sara Brent has served Hummel's Nissan since January 2005. 

Brent has held a variety of positions with the company, starting out part-time in 2004. After graduating from college, she returned to the company in 2005 in the role of title clerk. Since that time, Sara has taken on additional responsibilities including payroll clerk and assistant office manager. 

"I love working at Hummel's because of the customers. I also get to experience variety in the work that I do, which has broadened my horizons in the business," said Brent. "Hummel's Nissan has been a family run business for many years, and it's reflected in the way our team works together and through the way we do business. I have been inspired by the generous hearts of the owners and the way employees come together to help one another."

 Sara and husband, Tony, have been married for a year and a half. She has a 13-year-old stepdaughter, Airam, and the family welcomed the addition of a baby boy, Lincoln, in September 2015. The Brent family has two black labs, Jade and Emerald. In her spare time, Sara enjoys caring for her son, spending time with the family, baking and crafts. 

Thank you, Sara, for your hard work and dedication to Hummel's Nissan. We are proud to have you as a member of our team.
December 2015: Sadiq Quraeshi

Sales and Consultant Sadiq Quraeshi has served Hummel's Nissan since August 2015. 

As a new member of the team, Sadiq appreciates the organization's work environment and interest in putting its customers and employees first.  

"The work culture, my peers, management and ownership all take pride to ensure the customer is treated with respect," said Quraeshi. "Customers are not just a number. Their loyalty, satisfaction and families are important to each of us. The customer is our number one priority, which makes my job easier. Selling comes naturally when each person that steps on the lot knows they are valued." 

Each day, Sadiq shares, it is important for him to be successful in his role as sales professional. His wins are a win for the customer and for Hummel's Nissan. Quraeshi takes pride in finding the right vehicle for each customer's lifestyle and doing business on behalf of Nissan.   

Personally, Sadiq is married with four children. In 1998 he won the U.S. Open Polo Championship in Palm Beach. Today he enjoys golfing and hunting in his spare time. 

Thank you, Sadiq, for your dedication to Hummel's Nissan. We are proud to have you as a member of our team.
November 2015: Todd Landis

Commercial Vehicle Sales Manger Todd Landis has serviced Hummel's Nissan since August 2014. 

With nearly 30 years of experience in the auto industry, Landis worked his way from the wash bay detailing vehicles to the sales professional he is today. In fact, he is a 15-year recipient of the Chevrolet Mark of Excellence due to his commitment to customer service, which has extended to the Hummel's Nissan customer base. 

"I could not imagine doing anything else, as my job is the perfect fit for someone who enjoys automobiles and people," said Landis. "assisting people, listening to their needs, and helping them find the vehicle they want, is one of the most rewarding aspects of this job. It's important to take care of the customer, put their needs and wants first, and do what it takes to ensure each customers leaves feeling well served."

Todd has enjoyed his time at Hummel's, especially when it comes to the people and the environment. 

"You can tell from the minute you walk though the door, from the people who work here to the customers who come to us for assistance," added Landis. "It's the perfect combination for success - no high pressure sales tactics, employees who love to help people, and owners who are genuine and treat their employees and customers with respect they deserve. It is a great place to work and an even better place to do business. 

Personally, Todd and wife, Kirstin, have been married for 24 years. The couple has two sons, Cory (19) and Jacob (18),and four daughters, Katie (15), Jessica (13), Jenna (9) and Kelsie (7). In his spare time, Todd enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, golfing, biking and watching baseball.

Thank you, Todd, for your commitment to Hummel's Nissan. We are proud to have you as a member of our team.
   October 2015: Jimi Glenn

Sales Consultant Jimi Glenn has served Hummel's Nissan since July 2009. 

With more than six years of experience with the company, Jimi has developed strong, personal customers service skills that help him with each sale. He prides himself on the opportunity to assist customers through every stage of the purchase from the initial test drive to leaving the lot.  

"I am consistently making new friends," says Glenn. "A genuine concern and sense of caring for both colleagues and customers has made many of them dear friends inside and outside of the workplace."

Glenn's close attention to customer service has also earned him recognition as Pre-Owned Salesman of the Month 18 times since July 2011. Humbly, Jimi equates his and the dealerships's success to the staff and support system. 

"Hummel's Nissan is relaxed, friendly dealership. We sell and services a dynamic product and have amazing staff to support it," he adds. "From sales and services to parts and shuttle drivers, we are committed to serving the communities of Central Iowa."    

Personally, Jimi and wife, Aubrie, have two children: daughter, Aaliya (6) and son, Trey (2). The family has a 10-year-old pet dog, a Pug named Vinnie. In his spare time, Jimi enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing the drums, snowboarding, listening to 311 and eating his favorite foods. 

Thank you, Jimi, for your hard work and dedication to Hummel's Nissan. We are proud to have you as a member of our team.
September 2015: Charlie Broderick

Certified Sales Consultant Charlie Broderick has served Hummel's Nissan since 2013. 

Broderick's passion for the industry, and for serving Hummel's, is evident as he strives to make the car buying experience fun, friendly and easy for each customer.

"I consistently have customers tell me how pleasantly different the Hummel's buying experience is  - and it's easy to see why when you get to know the team I have the pleasure of working with," says Broderick. "Each employee has a genuine interest in the customer's needs. It's just another reason Hummel's is on of the top 50 dealers worldwide for customer satisfaction. 

Over the past couple of years, Charlie has worked hard to ensure he upholds the high standards set at Hummel's Nissan.

"The most important part of my job is listening to customers," he adds. "Modern vehicles are packed with sophisticated technologies, but trying to decide which is the best option for your lifestyle can be overwhelming. It's my responsibility to help costumers navigate through the options so they leave the dealership feeling confident an excited about their purchase."

Charlie currently resides in Woodward with is two roommates and their dogs. In his spare time, Broderick enjoys nature - viewing he night sky thought his telescope, floating on the river with friends and exploring state parks. He also has growing collection of bow ties. 

Thank you, Charlie, for your dedication and enthusiasm for Hummel's Nissan. We are proud to have you as a member of our team! 
 2015: Chris Jiles

Pre-Owned Sales, Internet Manager Chris Jiles has served Hummel's Nissan since July 2010. He also assists in the capacity of new car sales when needed.  

Specializing in helping customers find the right car to meet their needs, Jiles is patient and understanding. He has completed the sales and finance management training though Cyclone Automotive and achieved the Gold sales award level with for Toyota in 2000. Today, Chris is also one of the top salesmen in the Pre-Owned Department at Hummel's Nissan. 

Jiles enjoys his employment at Hummel's mainly due to the unique atmosphere and quality reputation. "I love the family environment here at Hummel's," he says. "We very much have an open door policy, with approachable leadership. They treat each employee and their families with respect, are customer oriented and have the respect of the community - and that extends from leadership to our employees, and finally, to our customers." 

Experienced in the industry, Jiles has been in the automotive business for over 20 years. Prior to that, he served in active duty for the U.S. Army Calvary Scout.  

Personally, Chris and his wife, Heidi, have a ten-year-old son Deegan. The family currently resides in Urbandale. A native of Illinois, Chris is a Cubs, Bears and Black Hawks fan. In his spare time he enjoys camping, biking, movies, music and grilling out with his family.  

Thank you, Chris, for your service and dedication to Hummel's Nissan. We are proud to have you as a member of our team!  
May 2015: Raean Most

Title Clerk Raean Most has served Hummel's Nissan since November 1999.  

With more than 16 years of experience with the company, Raean has to come to deem Hummel's as her second family.

"The family atmosphere within the organization is very real to me," says Most. "I feel as though I grew up at Hummel's. My coworkers have been though the biggest of life's moments with me - from my wedding and the birth of my son to my father's passing. I wouldn't be who I am without such wonderful people in my life."  

Most's longstanding service has also allowed her to develop friendships with Hummel's loyal customers. "Over the years, I have gotten to know our customers on a first name basis. It's one of my favorite aspects of working for the company," adds Raean. "seeing loyal customers year after year and learning about their families is a rewarding experience."

Personally, Raean is married and has a one-year old son. Her family is completed with three, four-legged children. In her spare time, Most enjoys being a parent, reading and bowling.

Thank you, Raean, for your dedication to Hummel's Nissan and our customers. We are proud to have you as a member of our team. 

April 2015: Pat Stein

Finance Manager Patrick Stein has served Hummel's Nissan since May of 2000.

With fifteen years of experience, Stein specializes in helping customers find affordable financing options and protecting their investment. His compassion and willingness to put the customer first has earned Stein the Nissan Owner First Award of Excellence six consecutive years.  

"Finding the right car for you and your family is a big decision," says Patrick. "I enjoy meeting our customers, and most importantly, helping them find a great vehicle at a great price."

In addition to working with customers to achieve the best deal possible, Stein appreciates Hummel's family-run dealership. "Hummel's Nissan leadership and employees care about the community," he adds. "The family atmosphere is not only displayed at the dealership each day, but also through community event sponsorships, donations to local charities and contributions to central Iowa schools."  

Personally, Patrick and his wife, Amy, have three children. Jake, Alexa and Ava. In his spare time, he enjoys golfing, trying new restaurants and attending his children's activities.

Thank you, Patrick, for your commitment to Hummel's Nissan and our customers. We are proud to have you as a member of our team.  
   March 2015: Sunny Duratovic

New Car Salesman Senudin (Sunny) Duratovic has served Hummel's Nissan since 2009.

With nearly six years of experience with the company, Sunny's knowledge and passion for customer service has earned him recognition though the Owner First Award of Excellence. He received the prestigious award three consecutive years in 2011, 2012 and 2013.  

"Customer service comes naturally to me and all members of the Hummel's Nissan team," says Duratovic. "It's part of our friendly, family-oriented atmosphere and it extends to our customer interactions. Customer service is really just treating everyone who stops in with respect, and the way I would want to be treated," he adds.  

Sunny most enjoys the company of his coworkers and the comradery they share at Hummel's Nissan.

Duratovic is married with two sons. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with family, watching movies and sports, especially soccer and football.

Thank you, Sunny, for your commitment to Hummel's Nissan. We are proud to have you as a member of our team.  

  February 2015: Don Kinna

Service Advisor Don Kinna has served Hummel's Nissan since May 2005. 

Over the past 10 years, Kinna has served Hummel's in various capacities and worked his way though the ranks as a Certified Sales Consultant, Certified Express SVC Assistant Manager and now serves in the capacity of Service Advisor. 

Don has utilized his strengths over the years to succeed in each position. He accredits his customer service skills, honesty and dependability, as essential components in each job. And, he says that bodes well with the Nissan atmosphere

"Hummel's always puts the customer first", says Don. "Working in a family-friendly environment encourages comradery among employees and creates an atmosphere that is inviting, and makes our customers feel at home." 

In addition to the great atmosphere, Kinna knows Hummel's will stand behind the quality products and services they offer. "Hummel's always does what's right when it comes to their customers and their employees," he adds. "That's a good place to be."

A 35-year old, single dad, Don enjoys spending time with is four and a half year-old son, Alex. The two spend time at the park and the pool, and enjoy taking in Iowa Cubs and Buccaneer hockey games. Kinna also enjoys annual trips to Colorado to rock climb. He passes the time outdoor camping, riding bikes and getting lost in Des Moines' off road trails. 

Thank you, Don, for your dedication to Hummel's Nissan. We are proud to have you as a member of our team. 
  January 2015: Thomas Freeman

Sales Consultant Thomas Freeman has served Hummel's Nissan since 2009. 

Freeman began his career as a used car lot attendant and has gained vast product knowledge and sales experience over the years. His expertise also encompasses assisting recent college grads through the Nissan Graduate Program to find the vehicle that best meets their needs. 

"Making the decision to purchase a vehicle is an important and sometimes daunting task - especially if it is the customer's first big investment," says Freeman. "At Hummel's Nissan, we take pride in assisting all of our customers, and I enjoy getting them off on the right foot." 

Thomas also enjoys working for a family-owned business. "Hummel's family atmosphere translates across all areas of the business. From peer to peer interaction to customer service, the organization stands behind its family values daily," he adds. "I enjoy representing my generation of hardworking young professionals and adding value to the Nissan team." 

Personally, Thomas has one brother and three step-sisters. In his spare time, he enjoys wrestling, watching movies, traveling, comic books and reading.

Thank you, Thomas, for your dedication and service to Hummel's Nissan. We are proud to have you as a member of our team. 

  December 2014: Tom Briel 

Service Advisor Tom Briel has served Hummel's Nissan for more then 29 years. 

Through his dedicated years of service, Briel has remained a stedfast member of our service team and throughly enjoys helping Hummel's customers. "I most enjoy my daily interaction with people - both my coworkers and loyal customers," he says. "being with the company for an extended amount of time has allowed me to develop a close relationship with my team and generations of committed customers." 

In addition to the close bond Tom has with his team, he is also proud to instill his work ethic in his eldest son through employment with Hummel's Nissan. "The family atmosphere and camaraderie make Hummel's and excellent place for my children to learn the ins and outs of teamwork in a real-world setting." 

Personally, Tom and wife, Bridget, have two sons: Hunter (17), who also works at Hummel's Nissan, and Charlie (15). In his spare time, Briel enjoys hunting and fishing, as well coaching his son's sports teams in football, basketball and baseball. 

Thank you, Tom, for your loyal service to Hummel's Nissan. We are proud to have you as a member of our team. 


November 2014: Kevin Hummel

Service Manager Kevin Hummel has served Hummel's Nissan since 1982. 

With over 32 years of experience, Kevin is a valued member of the Nissan team. Among his specialities are customer service, logistics and service project management. Kevin has earned the Award of Excellence nine times and is recognized as a Certified Nissan Service Manager.

"I most enjoy my position with Hummel's Nissan for the opportunity I have to interact with all the employees," says Kevin. "Over the years I have gotten to know the families of our employees and customers alike. Watching their families grow and children become adults has bee a real pleasure." 

In addition, Kevin takes great pride in carrying on the family tradition. And a large part of that is commitment to customer service. 

"It is essential each and every service employee treats Hummel's customers with the utmost respect - to treat all customers as if you are speaking to your mom, dad, sister or brother; to take care of each car as if it were your grandmother's car." 

Personally, Kevin has two children and is recently married. His son, Andy, graduated from the University of Iowa and now works in the service department at Hummel's. Daughter, Michelle, is currently studying at Iowa State University. In his spare time, Kevin enjoys spending time with family and outdoor activities, including hiking, kayaking, hunting and fishing. 

Thank you, Kevin, for your dedication and long-term commitment to Hummel's Nissan. We are proud to have you as a member of our team.

October 2014: Wanda Wilcoxon - Cashier

Hummel's Cashier Wanda Wilcoxon has served the organization since September 1999. She spent the first fourteen years of employment as receptionist and cashier, but due to expansion at Hummel's Nissan, now serves solely as a cashier.

"I love working with customers," says Wilcoxon. "I have made many friends over the course of the 15 years. Hummel's has great customer retention, which means I am able to assist familiar faces year after year.:

In addition to her love of serving customers, Wanda understands the importance of the company's customer interaction. "The most essential part of each employees's job is to ensure customers are taken are of in an orderly, prompt and courteous way." 

Personally, Wanda and her husband, Steve, have three sons and nine grandchildren. She enjoys spending time with her grandchildren each weekend. The couple also has a 165 pound American Bulldog, Wally, and enjoys passing time doing yard work and gardening (flowers) together. In her spare time, Wanda takes pleasure in turning someone else's "junk" into treasure. 

Thank you, Wanda, for your long-standing commitment to Hummel's Nissan. We are proud to have you as a member of our team.


September 2014: Paul Wade 

Assistant Manger Paul Wade has served Hummel's Nissan since 2007. 

With more then seven years of experience with the company, Wade is a valuable asset to the team. His hard work and dedication to Hummel's Nisan stems from his appreciation for the family atmosphere. 

"I enjoy coming to work every day knowing that I have a close-knit group of coworkers to depend on both personally and professionally," says Paul.

In addition to the respect and camaraderie amongst employees, Wade values working for an organization that takes pride in caring for each and every employe. "no matter who the customer is or how frequently they visit our dealership, the employees at Hummel's try to make the Nissan experience the best part of their day," adds Wade.

Personally, Paul has two children, ages seven and five. In his spare time, he enjoys boating and spending time with his family.

Thank you, Paul, for your hard work and dedication to Hummel's Nissan. We are proud to have you as a member of our team!


August 2014: Steve Seybert 

Finance Manager Steve Seybert has proven his dedication to Hummel's and Nissan customers, receiving recognition as a three-time Award of Excellence recipient. 

These honors reflect Seybert's attention to costumer service - his favorite part of employment with the organization. "I love helping people", says Seybert. "It is a top down philosophy here at Hummel's, and I could not be more proud to say I work for Hummel's Nissan." 

Steve prides himself on the fact that he and the organization make each customer feel special. "From the minute employment begins at Hummel's, we are taught to take care of our clientele - if you take care of your customers, the business aspect will take care of itself," he adds.  

Personally, Steve and his wife, Melissa, have been married for fifteen years. The couple has two daughters, Emma (14), who is a freshman at Valley Southwoods, and Luci (10), who will be in fifth grade at Jordan Creek Elementary. Steve's hobbies entail spending time with family and friends and the occasional round of golf.  

Thank you, Steve, for your dedication to Hummel's Nissan and our customers. We are proud to have you as a member of our team!

July 2014: Tom Arnburg

Parts Manager Tom Arnburg has served Hummel's Nissan since February 1997.

With over 17 years of experience with the company, Arnburg takes pride in his work. "I enjoy ensuring a large inventory of parts is always on-had so a majority of our customers can be taken care of in one trip." says Tom. He also specializes in or ding parts for all service and wholesale customers. 

Arnburg's customer service doesn't stop there. He is a three year recipient of the Nissan Owners First Award and dedicated to Nissan employees. "There is nothing I enjoy more then seeing a satisfied customer leave our dealership." he adds. "Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool, and if our customers have a great experience not only will they return, but they will spread the word." 

In addition to his love for serving Nissan customers, Arnburg thoroughly appreciate the fun, family atmosphere at Hummel's Nissan. 

Personally, Tom and his wife, Cora, have two children: daughter, Josie (age 6) and son, Wesley (age 5). In his spare time, Tom plays fast pitch softball in the Des Moines recreation league, plays with his children and enjoys exploring this culinary talents smoking meat. 

Thank you, Tom, for your dedication to Hummel's Nissan and our customers. We are proud to have you as a member of our team!

June 2014: Ben Williams  

Ben Williams has served Hummel's Nissan in pre-owned sales since February 2012.

Over the past couple of years, Williams has quickly learned to appreciate the benefits of working for the family-owned and operated business, "At Hummel's Nissan, the family atmosphere extends from the owners and operators to each and every employee. The positive work environment is contagious."

With over five years of sales experience, Williams has been recognized for his expertise winning runner-up sales associate in Cityview's automotive sales category and receiving honors from Cyclone Automotive Sales. Ben has also earned his F & I certification. 

Williams earned these honors not only though dedication and hard work, but also by paying close attention to the Hummel's customers. "The most important aspect of working for Nissan is helping the customers though out the buying experience," says Williams. "My goal is to make sure the process is smooth, ensuring each customer is satisfied - and hopefully becomes a customer for life."  

Personally, Ben enjoys riding motorcycles, cooking (and eating), being outdoors and playing tennis as time allows. 

Thank you, Ben, for your dedication to Hummel's Nissan and our customers. We are proud to have you as a member of our team! 

April 2014: Mike Falor 

Certified Sales Consultant for new and used vehicles, Mike Falor has served Hummel's Nissan since March 27, 2000.                      
With over 14 years of experience with the organization, Falor most enjoys helping Hummel's loyal customer base. "There is nothing more satisfying in my job than seeing a customer return to our dealership for their next vehicle," says Falor. "I want each of our customers to know they are purchasing a qualify vehicle at a fair price. Their confidence in the dealership and myself is reflected in repeat and referral business.

Mike's passion for the industry is evident as he has earned the Owner First Award of Excellence multiple times over the course of his career. He also achieved second place in the Regional Walk-Around competition.

Though already an accomplished employee, Falor strives to challenge himself daily. "The most important aspect of my job is to maintain Hummel's stellar reputation in Des Moines and Iowa," he adds. "Hummel's Nissan has placed an emphasis on keeping the customer first for more than 80 years, and I challenge myself daily to maintain that standard of excellence." 

Personally, Mike has been married to his wife, Annette, for over 12 years. The two have three daughters and a poodle, Ollie. Mike enjoys spending time with family, motorcycling, collecting and enjoying unique bicycles, reading, volunteering and tinkering. 

Thank you, Mike, for your dedication to Hummel's Nissan and our customers. We are happy to have you as a member of our team!

  January 2014: Marcy Davis

Finance Manager Marcy Davis has served Hummel's Nissan since February 2011. 

Although a relatively new employee at Hummel's, Davis is no stranger to the finance arena. With 24 years of experience, she has the expertise and professionalism to help every customer fulfill their automotive needs. 

Marcy has also been honored with several awards and certifications throughout her career, but admits her most-valued recognition is the Nissan's Owners 1st Award of Excellence. The Owners 1st Award is the highest achievement awarded to finance professionals and is based on customer satisfaction. 

Though the awards and honors are greatly appreciated, Davis' favorite aspect of employment with Hummel's Nissan is the family atmosphere. "I love working for a family-owned dealership," says Marcy. "Mark, Perry and Kevin have a wonderful philosophy about treating each customer as family; and you can feel it the minute you walk in the dealership." 

Thank you, Marcy, for your service to Hummel's Nissan and our customers. We are proud to have you as a member of our team!

December 2013: Robbie Baccam

Certified Sales Consultant Robbie Baccam has served Hummel's Nissan since February 2012. 

Although a relatively new employee, Baccam has already earned a top sales award once last year and again in 2013. He is also on track to receive his first Award of Excellence this year. 

Baccam admits his favorite aspect of working for Hummel's Nissan is the fact that it is a family-owned and operated business. "I enjoy working for Hummel's because it is a fun and friendly place to work.  Hummel's employs awesome, down-to-earth individuals," says Baccam. "On top of that, our customers are invaluable because they are loyal to both the Hummel's name and the Nissan brand." 

Robbie also believes the team atmosphere contributes to the company's success. "Everyone here at Hummel's strives to do his or her best, not just for the customer, but for each other as well. Because of this, Hummel's Nissan is one of the best Nissan dealerships out there, and one of the best places I have ever worked," concludes Baccam.

Personally, Robbie and wife Nhina Chau have two sons, Kolby, five years old, and Konnor, three years old. In his spare time, Baccam enjoys fishing, hunting, camping - and anything outdoors. He especially enjoys having his two sons tag along for the outdoor excursions.  

Thank you, Robbie, for your service to Hummel's Nissan and our customers. We are proud to have you as a member of our team!

November 2013: Chip Giles 

Certified Sales Consultant Chip Giles has served Hummel's Nissan since April 2010.

As recipient of the Owners First Award of Excellence for three consecutive years, Chip prides himself on serving the customer first. 

"From the time a customer arrives at the dealership, it is important to listen carefully to their requests in order to assess their vehicle needs," says Giles. "I work to simplify the shopping experience and make sure finding the right vehicle is a team effort."  

And, teamwork is a common theme at Hummel's Nissan. Giles shares his favorite aspect of working for Hummel's is the close-knit atmosphere and willingness to find the right vehicle for each person.  

"It's truly a team environment with a sales and management staff that supports each other," says Chip. "As an added bonus, Nissan continues to roll out great new products - and it's fun to see customers' enthusiasm for the innovative changes." 

In conclusion, he adds, "Working for a dealership that puts customers first is rewarding, and that is the key to building a strong customer base."

Personally, Chip and wife, Joyce, have two daughters, Katie, age 18 and, Beth, age 13. The newest addition to their family is Eddie, a four-month old Bichon Frise puppy. In his spare time, Giles enjoys staying up-to-date on the latest vehicles and trends, college sports and cheering on the Iowa Hawkeyes. 

Thank you, Chip, for your commitment and service to Hummel's Nissan and our customers. We are proud to have you as a member of our team!

October 2013: Perry Hummel

Vice President Perry Hummel has served Hummel's Nissan since 1984.

With nearly thirty years of experience in the business, Hummel specializes in sales and inventory. He has also been recognized as a 12-time recipient of the Nissan Corporation's Award of Excellence for his skills and expertise in the industry.

Over the years, Perry has constantly worked to honor and uphold the family tradition of excellent sales and service - pairing customer service with outstanding inventory.  

"Meeting new customers and reuniting with old customers is always a pleasure for me," shares Hummel. "Many of our customers arrive and share their life long experiences with Nissan automobiles - it is a very rewarding experience." 

In addition to customer interaction, Perry shares the key to the company's success. "Making sure our sales staff has the perfect inventory mix to satisfy our customers' needs and display the organization's level of commitment to service is a goal we aim to achieve daily." 

Personally, Perry has four sons: Christopher, age 20, three-year Hummel's employee; Isaac, age 18, student at Hoover High School; Jacob, age 14, freshman at Dowling High School and Levi, age 12, student at Holy Trinity School.   

In his spare time, Hummel is an avid reader of books on history and enjoys watching his sons participate in football and basketball. Perry also can be found on the golf course with his sons on the weekends. 

Thank you, Perry, for your commitment and service to Hummel's Nissan and our customers. We are proud to have you as a member of our team!


August 2013: Dave Rouse 

Sales Manager Dave Rouse has served Hummel's Nissan since August 2009.  

With a strong educational background (as a graduate of JM&A sales management; DMACC; Hawkeye finance; Nissan finance and insurance; and Cyclone F&I certified), Rouse has the knowledge to help customers at various levels of the sale. He also earned his license to provide insurance coverage for customers. 

Rouse admits his favorite aspect of working for Hummel's Nissan is the atmosphere, created by outstanding ownership. "Hummel's has cultivated an environment of service - which is industry leading," says Dave. "We have amazing customers and a great staff, all stemming from the top down." 

Personally, Dave has three children who he enjoys coaching in his spare time. Rouse also enjoys golfing, poker and attending church.   

Thank you, Dave, for your commitment and service to Hummel's Nissan and our customers. We are proud to have you as a member of our team!


July 2013: Michelle Pearson

Since 1993, Michelle Pearson has served Hummel's Nissan in various capacities. Starting out in the role of receptionist, she worked in many roles before landing her current position as office manager in 2006.           

Pearson's outstanding customer service and willingness to go the extra mile has made her an invaluable veteran of Hummel's Nissan, and also a recipient of the Owner First Award of Excellence. 

Michelle's loyalty to the company stems from the family atmosphere. "Having grown up across the street from Hummel's, going to work seemed like working with family," says Pearson. "I love greeting customers and knowing them on a first name basis. Customers and employees alike are treated like family," she adds. 

Personally, Pearson has a 25 year-old daughter, Megan; son-in-law, Bryan; and one grand-pup, Jack. She enjoys reading, traveling and spending time with family. 

Thank you, Michelle, for your dedication to Hummel's Nissan and our customers. We are proud to have you as a member of our team!

June 2013: T.J. "Bart" Bartholomew 

Certified Sales Consultant T.J. Bartholomew has served Hummel's Nissan since September 1, 1995. As a veteran employee, he specializes in new and used cars and trucks, as well as leasing. 

Throughout his time with Hummel's Nissan, Bartholomew has earned his keep. He is one of a mere twenty salesmen in the country to earn the first award of excellence ten years in a row, since the award's inception. Bartholomew leads the region for sales, ranks in the top 100 sales associates in the country (out of 19,800) and has generated 75 million dollars in retail sales over seventeen years of employment. 

Yet Bartholomew still believes customer satisfaction before and after the sale is the key to Hummel's success. 

As a contributor to the success of Hummel's Nissan, Bartholomew says he is fortunate to be an employee. "Hummel's customers are awesome. They are very loyal to me and the company and I am blessed to work with such great people," he says. 

Personally, Bartholomew has been married for twenty years and has a thirteen year-old son. He is a member of St. Boniface church in Waukee. In his spare time, Bartholomew enjoys playing rugby for the Des Moines rugby club, fishing and hunting, as well as spending time with his family. 

Thank you for your commitment to Hummel's Nissan and our customers. Hummel's is proud to have you as a member of our outstanding team!   

May 2013: Robert Miller

Internet Sales Manager Robert Miller has served Hummel's Nissan since June of 2007. 

Specializing in sales, Internet sales and leasing, Miller is a five-time recipient of the Nissan Owners First Award of Excellence. In 2012, Robert's expertise landed him a spot in the top two percent in national sales volume. 

While he may achieve national rankings in sales volume, his favorite part of working for Hummel's is the customers he serves on a daily basis. "I enjoy helping customers realize how fun and easy buying a new car can be," says Miller. "When you are buying a car at the right dealership, and they have a great product, the buying experience first-class." 

Robert attributes the dealership's atmosphere and success to its local Iowa roots. "Working for a family dealership that is locally-owned and has been for more than eighty years is a rewarding experience," he shares. "Each and every employee places his or her focus on the customer - there are plenty of great cars on the market, but few dealerships have the history and reputation of taking care of their customers the way Hummel's does." 

Miller believes in the company he represents and believes the Des Moines area has one of the best Nissan dealers in the entire country. Backed with recognition to prove it - Hummel's Nissan is one of only a handful of dealerships in the country to win the Nissan Owners First Award of Excellence - it certainly seems that Miller's pride is deserved. 

Robert and his wife, Deb, have three children: Emily (15), Isaac (14) and Theo (13). 

Personally, he enjoys attending his children's show choir and sporting events in Urbandale, practicing guitar and assisting in church activities such as youth group and Sunday school. As an ISU alum, Miller has to root for Iowa State athletics, but admits he isn't opposed to a Hawkeye victory (as long as they aren't playing the Cyclones).  

Thank you, Robert, for your dedication to Hummel's Nissan and our customers. We are proud to have you as a member of our team!

  April 2013: Chad Wilson 

Internet Sales Manager Chad Wilson has served Hummel's Nissan since February 1999. 

After nearly 15 years of employment with the organization, Wilson most appreciates Hummel's way of doing business and the way they treat their employees. "The Hummel family always puts customers first," says Wilson. "This type of customer service, combined with integrity and innovative products, is the reason I so much enjoy working for Hummel's." 

Wilson adds, "I enjoy assisting customers to find the right vehicle for them." And with more than 2,900 sales and leasing transactions during his time with Hummel's, Chad looks forward to the next 15 years of service to Nissan customers. 

Personally, Chad has been married to his wife, Heidi, for 16 years. The two have two sons, Nicolas (15) and Andrew (6). In his spare time, Chad enjoys running and cheering for the Miami Dolphins. A Florida native, Wilson was raised and now resides in the Des Moines area - taking time to enjoy the changing of seasons and friendly atmosphere. 

Thank you, Chad, for your dedication to Hummel's Nissan and our customers. We are happy to have you as a member of our team!

  March 2013: Scott Sparrgrove

Pre-Owned Sales Manager Scott Sparrgrove has served Hummel's Nissan since September 5, 2005.

Specializing in finance, appraisals and making customers' dreams come true, Sparrgrove is a six-year Award of Excellence recipient. Through his sales expertise, Scott has also earned his Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation (NMAC) finance certification. 

Sparrgrove's favorite aspect of working for Hummel's Nissan is making sure all customers are well attended to and leave feeling completely satisfied. "Being able to work with the customer's needs and find the perfect vehicle for them is the most rewarding part of my job," says Sparrgrove. 

Scott and his wife have one fifteen year-old daughter. Personally, he enjoys cycling, golfing, traveling and spending time with family and friends.

Thank you, Scott, for your dedication to Hummel's Nissan and our customers. We are happy to have you as a member of our team!


February 2013: Randy Kirchhoff

Executive Manager Randy Kirchhoff has served Hummel's Nissan since January 2005. 

Due to his expertise in new and used cars, including leasing, Kirchhoff has been recognized as a seven-time Nissan Award of Excellence recipient. Randy also earned the title of number one Nissan dealer in the Midwest in 2011 and runner-up in 2012. 

With more than eight years of experience under his belt, Kirchhoff admits his favorite part of working for Hummel's Nissan hasn't changed over the years. "Watching an excited customer drive away in his or her new car is incredibly rewarding," shares Randy. "We are here to serve our customers, and helping them find the right vehicle is our responsibility - we treat our customers as family," he says.  

Randy has been married to his wife, Carolyn, for 21 years. The couple has two daughters, Anna and Piper.  

Personally, Kirchhoff enjoys golfing, running and spending time with family.  

Thank you, Randy, for your commitment and service to Hummel's Nissan and our customers. We are proud to have you as a member of our team!

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