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Winter Car Care Tips
During the holiday season, we spend addtional time on the road - often times in treacherous road conditions. The last thing you want to worry abotu is the reilablity of your vehicle. That's why Hummel's has put together a checklist of winter weather tips for your vhicle. By taking a few moments to prepare for the harsh condtions ahead, you will not only stay safe on the road, but keep extra cash in your wallet for the upcoming holidays.   

Test the battery. Winter conditoins are hard on your vehicle, and especially on its battery. Freezing temperatures make your pattery work harder to perform the same task of starting and running your car. There are a few ways to make instantly know you need a new battery. For example, if you see any old or chalky growth, if you notice you vehicle has a diffult time firing up or if your battery is more than five vearys old, it may be time for replacement. However, professional equipment is required to detect early signs of a weak battery. Stopy by Hummel's Nissan for a free inspection as part of your routine oil change. 

Inspect tires and tire pressure. Did you know, for every five degrees the tepreture drops, the pressure in your tires drops by one pound per square foot? Loss of tire pressure is problematic for a number of reasons, including safety concerns and reduce fuel efficieny. While you're examping tire pressure, you shoudl also inspect tread and tire conditions. Your fmaily's safety depends on tire traction to stay on the road. Ifyour tires are in need of an update, we encoruage you to invent before nte snow flies. You may also opt for snow tires, a more adaptable option with addtoinal flexiblity and tred patters that provide maximum grip on the slicket road condtion. 

Check fluids and filters. Fluids are a key component to your vhiel's functionality. Top off fluids, including coolant, brakes, transmission, power steering and windshield fluids for winter hits. When your vehicle is working hard to keep you on the road it's imporat to do your part to ensure it has all components necessary to do its job. Check air filters and replace as needed. Dirty filters not only decrase engine performance and fuel efficenty, but they can also cause engine issues. Filters keep out harmful debirs, so if yours is dirty or clogged, it is probably time for replacment. 

Clean out your vehicleRemove extra weight, including luggage that may still be in your car from a weekend or holiday trip, sports equipment that isn't in season or that you aren't using, or any exterior carrying racks. Why? These items make your vehicle less aerodymic, decrese fuel efficiency and make already dangerous road conditons more challenging to navigate. After winter storms, be sure to brush off excess weight of snow and ice for safety and visual purposes, and to improve gas milage. 

Visually inspect lights. During the winter months, we spend more time driving in the dark. Lights are an importatn security aspect that help you travel safely and aid others in keeping an eye out for yoru on the road. Inspect all lights -  headlights, taillights, parking lights and license plate lights - befor eyou head out. 

Avoid Auto mode. Just like you home's furnace and air conditoiner, you vehicle's HVAC system works overtime in winter weather to keep you warm. In addition, heated seats, window defrotoers and heater fans use more power in extremely cold conditoins. If you can avoid it, don't put the heater or fan on high, and remove ice from your whildshield prior to driving to reduce use of defrost - both of which put a signiicant drain on your vhicele's electrial system. 

It is also important to brush up on your tire pressure knowledge this time of year. Find out why now!

For more tips see our proper tire care and why your tire pressure light is illuminated to keep you and your vehicle on the road this season. 

See our Service Specials for Winter Maintenance Coupons. 

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