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Watch the Nissan Titan stomach harsh punches for the sake of safety

You know how you have a habit of slamming the door of your truck when you're mad, in a hurry, closing it with your foot, trying to impress someone with your strength, etc.? Do you know what happens after you do that for 20 years?

Well, if you're driving a Nissan Titan, supposedly nothing happens because this pickup truck has undergone detail-oriented durability testing to ensure that its moving parts can withstand the…

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Spacious and Efficient, Hummel's Employees Opt for the Nissan Pathfinder

 Well-known for its spacious interior, ease in handling and efficiency, the Nissan Pathfinder is one of our most popular SUVs. Starting at $29,510, the Pathfinder achieves 20 city / 27 highway miles per gallon. To maximize fuel efficiency, the frame, drivetrain, and even the climate control system are built with lightweight components - all aimed at cutting down on fuel consumption. The standard S model also features a 3.5L V-6 260 horsepower engine and two-speed?
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At the Top of our List this Season - We're Driving the Nissan Murano

 Our employees are driving the Nissan Murano this season, and year-round. Starting at $28,530 the Murano is known for its performance, savvy interior and sleek design. But that's not all. There are numerous reasons the crossover SUV is a hit among our customers and employees alike. 

Achieving 18/24 city/highway miles per gallon, the Murano features a 3.5-liter DOHC V6 engine, 250 lb-ft of torque and 20-inch aluminum alloy wheels - all...
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Even the Exterior of the Nissan LEAF is Clean

As the world's cleanest car, the new 2015 Nissan LEAF delivers zero emissions. But clean takes a more obvious meaning with the amazing kind of technology you'll discover throughout the all-electric LEAF. Take a look at this fun prank video performed by Nissan, then come take a closer look and a test drive in the new LEAF here at our Des Moines, IA dealership.

It's pretty amazing how paint and other foreign…

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Conquer the Wilderness with a Nissan Titan

Conquering the wilderness from behind the wheel of a vehicle is no easy task, that is, unless you have the right truck.  Nissan understands this and enlisted the help of their own enthusiasts to help customize a Nissan Titan to become the ultimate off-road machine. Once the customization was complete the truck was handed over to the Wounded Warrior Project, who would in turn put two veterans behind the wheel and send them off on…

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Solid, Spacious and Performance-Minded, Our Employees are Driving the Nissan Frontier

Starting at $17,990, the Nissan Frontier has caught the attention of Hummel's Nissan employees. From its superior quality and spacious interior to achieving 19 city / 23 highway miles per gallon, it's no wonder the Frontier is a popular option. 

The Frontier's full-length, fully boxed frame is built for solid performance. Made of impact-resistant materials, including tensile-strength steel and chrome accents, the Frontier's rugged exterior to built to last. In addition, Nissan's Utili-track cargo-carrying systems features channels on the bed floor, not just in the walls and header, and a locking tailgate and cargo bed…
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New Nissan Concept Car Announced

At the Sao Paolo International Motor show, Nissan unveiled a concept for the 'Kicks' and were fortunate enough to find a video with details about the proposed vehicle. Brazil may be the first to receive it, and it is unclear whether plans to import it to the US are in the works. To wait out this uncertainty we've shared a video below which will give more details.

Even if we can't drive the…

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Winter Car Care Essentials - Stay on Track and on the Road this Season

We're all dreading it - the long Iowa winter that awaits. As you prepare to crank up the furnace, rake leaves and get your flu shots this fall, you will also want to think about the ways you can prepare your vehicle for the treacherous winter travel. Whether you commute long distances or simply make the daily trip to work, by taking a few precautions before the first snow hits, both you and your vehicle?
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You Can Rely on Nissan's Safety Technology

Here at Hummel's Nissan we know how much safety means to drivers like you. And that is the reason why we are such big fans of Nissan's safety technologies. To learn more about them, watch the video below.

We think these safety features are pretty awesome. They tell you when another object is near. They alert you when you start to stray from your path. They act as a second set of eyes?

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Rogue Goes Outside the Box

For those who live squarely within the parameters of the rules, it gets a little boring, without doing anything daring. Always making the supposed safe choice is bland. If early man had not taken a risk we would not have crazy things like cheese, or domesticated pets. Live outside the bland box, and go with the 2015 Nissan Rogue.

As a trend setter, the Nissan Rogue boasts the best fuel economy in its class, as?

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