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At the Top of our List this Season - We're Driving the Nissan Murano

 Our employees are driving the Nissan Murano this season, and year-round. Starting at $28,530 the Murano is known for its performance, savvy interior and sleek design. But that's not all. There are numerous reasons the crossover SUV is a hit among our customers and employees alike. 

Achieving 18/24 city/highway miles per gallon, the Murano features a 3.5-liter DOHC V6 engine, 250 lb-ft of torque and 20-inch aluminum alloy wheels - all...
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Brush-up on Your Tire Pressure Knowledge

  The ups and downs we experience in temperature this time of the year not only impacts your family's health, your home and your driving habits - it also significantly impacts your vehicle's tire pressure. Before you hit the road this holiday season, be sure to brush up on a few tire pressure tips. By taking a few precautions and paying close attention to your tires, you can keep your family safe and on the...
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Solid, Spacious and Performance-Minded, Our Employees are Driving the Nissan Frontier

Starting at $17,990, the Nissan Frontier has caught the attention of Hummel's Nissan employees. From its superior quality and spacious interior to achieving 19 city / 23 highway miles per gallon, it's no wonder the Frontier is a popular option. 

The Frontier's full-length, fully boxed frame is built for solid performance. Made of impact-resistant materials, including tensile-strength steel and chrome accents, the Frontier's rugged exterior to built to last. In addition, Nissan's Utili-track cargo-carrying systems features channels on the bed floor, not just in the walls and header, and a locking tailgate and cargo bed…
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Winter Car Care Essentials - Stay on Track and on the Road this Season

We're all dreading it - the long Iowa winter that awaits. As you prepare to crank up the furnace, rake leaves and get your flu shots this fall, you will also want to think about the ways you can prepare your vehicle for the treacherous winter travel. Whether you commute long distances or simply make the daily trip to work, by taking a few precautions before the first snow hits, both you and your vehicle?
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Rugged. Spacious. Powerful. The Nissan Xterra is What Our Employees are Driving.

 Starting just over $23,000, the Nissan Xterra is one of our most popular SUVs - and an employee favorite. In our "What I'm Driving" series, Hummel's Nissan features the vehicles we sell and our employees drive. It's no wonder the SUV is a hit - from power and ruggedness to carrying capacity, the Xterra is versatile and built to last. 

Powered b a 4.0 - Liter V6 generating 261 horsepower engine, paired with...
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Crossover versus SUV: The Difference and What it means to you as a Consumer

Often times the terms crossover and SUV are used interchangeably. This may leave you wondering, is there really a difference between the two? The truth is, there are significant differences between a crossover and SUV, and to select the best option for yourself and your family, the two should be weighed properly.

A little history - in the past, the term SUV sometimes triggered a negative connotation with consumers due to their large size and poor...
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Why our Employees are Driving the Nissan Maxima - The Best of Both Worlds

Starting just over $31,000 the Nissan Maxima is known for its high-achieving gas milage, sporty appeal, technology features and of course, emphasis on safety. Standard features include a 3.5L V-6 290 hp engine, 2-speed Xtronic CVT transitions with overdrive and 4-wheel anti-lock brakes. In conjunction, the Maxima provides 19 city / 26 highway miles per gallon - a crowd pleaser amongst all of our employees who own the popular sedan.

But the fun doesn't...
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Family-Oriented and Economical, Our Employees are Driving the Nissan Quest

Several variables set Hummel's Nissan a notch above other dealerships in town, in the state and even in the country. Apart from our customer service and wide selection of quality vehicles we sell. In fact, in our "What I'm Driving" series, we are highlighting Hummel's employees and the brand they choose to buy - Nissan. 

In this edition, let's take a closer look at the Nissan Quest, our most popular minivan that..
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A Nissan Family

As a busy family of seven, the demands we place on our vehicles are very high. Not only do we need cars that withstand the wear and tear of five kids, but it's important that our vehicles are reliable, roomy and convenient. This list might sound like a tall order, but every Nissan we've owned has stood up to the demands of our brood. 
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What I'm Driving: The 2014 Nissan Sentra - Comfortable, Economical, Savvy

As we turn to the next vehicle in our "What I'm Driving" series, Hummel's Nissan is pleased to introduce the 2014 Nissan Sentra. Another model in our outstanding line-up of vehicles, the Sentra is economical, comfortable and savvy. 

At Hummel's Nissan, we not only share our expertise on the vehicles we sell, we also walk the walk. Our employees stand behind the vehicles we sell; in fact most often, they choose to…
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